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Free-Emulators.com is the new and best emulator resource website on the net. We have the best private developed Emulators and they are totally free for you to download.

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We work hard to deliver the best possible emulators and to ensure that you won’t face any problems with any game. Emulators usually give you advanced options that may not be available with the original gaming system such as pausing the game, saving at any point, picking your cheat codes, playing online, multi-player modes, increasing the game’s speed and so on.

User Contributed – It’s free to download.

Our Emulators have been built to work on PC, MAC and Linux distributions. We do not distribute games, also known as Roms. We will leave that up to you but please look around and download all the freeware gaming Emulators of your choice!

"Free-Emulators.com, a startup offering tools that allow users to run console games on their PC's, MAC's and Linux Operating Systems: it’s bringing technology to a whole new level."

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