Free Emulators

Free Emulators is the coolest emulator resource website. We scout the web for working console emulators, roms, and bios files – so you can download them for free right through our website.

We work hard to improve the source code and fix bugs of any free emulators we find.

We have actually done quite well till now! Windows support is almost perfect and you won’t encounter any bugs or glitches. We also ported some emulators to the MAC OS X platform, but those are still in an early beta phase. Our free emulators are almost cross-platform compatible and we are really proud of our work.

This website would never be able to host these awesome free emulators, neither continue their development, without the awesome work of the team and the help of xRival.

We are currently hosting free emulators for consoles such as Wii U, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and of course the awesome 3DS Emulator based on the xRival ported UI.

We have been been testing our free emulators for quite some time now to ensure a fun gameplay experience, with unique graphics and almost perfect gameplay quality. our free emulators give you advanced options that may not be available with the original gaming system such as saving the game at any point, inserting custom cheat codes, playing online using the free-emulators Server and much more.

Our Emulators are available for free download

Please note that we offer the emulators for free but you still have to complete a quick offer to download them. This is happening due to restrictions from the original developers.

We try to offer support to everyone that downloads our emulators, but it may take some time to reply, because of our busy schedule. Please use the contact page by navigating using the menu at the top of the page and drop us a message if you need help with anything.

Drop us a message by using the this link: Contact Us