Wii U Emulator – Updates

Update: a few hours after release, a bug causing crashes with Windows x64 and Single Core mode was found by testers. Single Core mode is not used for regular gameplay but is usually required for TAS and WiiPlay. While it only affects a few specific use cases of the emulator, we still consider this a critical issue and we will release a Cloud Wii U Emu 1.0.1 version fixing this bug. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On behalf of the Cloud Wii U Emulator development team, I am pleased to announce the release of Cloud Emulator 1.0, the newest major release of the most compatible and most performant Wii U emulator for PC, MAC and Linux. Cloud Wii U Emulator is a special release for all of us, since it also marks the 2 months anniversary of the project, first unveiled by Eddie Blaine and GhostRobo in July 2013.

Our Wii U Emulator can be downloaded for Windows (x86 or x64), Mac OS X (>= 10.7) or Ubuntu 13.04 from our official website: emulatorclaoud.org

- Changelog

Cloud Wii U Emulator is a big release with the addition of several new major features:

Beta support for the Wii U official online multiplayer
Alpha support for ARM/Android
Global User directory on Windows
New AX DSP HLE emulation code
Awesome Design
Wii U Balance Board and GC Steering Wheel support
Wii U Remote support improvements
Fastmem support for Linux and OS X
Fastmem is an optimization for Cloud Wii U Emulators CPU emulation, which was previously only implemented on Windows. Adding Fastmem support on Linux and OS X boosted the performance by 15 to 20% on these platforms.
New OpenAL audio backend
OpenGL video backend rewrite
NetPlay stability and usability improvements
Mac OS X support enhancements
Icon themes support


Cloud Wii U Emulator can be downloaded from our official website.

What’s next?

Adding macroblocks in the Cloud Emu JIT
Better detection of busy loops
State tracking in the GFX emulation
Second level FIFO
Big Picture UI
Integer shaders

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